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All random projects

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Image for Electronics

Projects using electronic components and circuits

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Home Automation

Smart Home projects and automations

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All the random general projects

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Solar Power

Solar PV and Solar Thermal projects

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Image for DIY Pick and Place
DIY Pick and Place

Our DIY PNP robot which builds circuit boards

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Image for Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Projects using the Raspberry Pi Computers

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Image for Photography

Photography and Video projects

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Image for Radio and RF
Radio and RF

Radio projects and Ham radio

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Image for Arduino

Arduino boards, hardware and accessories

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Image for Video and Audio
Video and Audio

Video projects and audio

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Image for Apple

Mods and Upgrades to Apple hardware and accessories

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Image for Programming and Code
Programming and Code

Projects using programming and code in various languages

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Image for Land Rover
Land Rover

Upgrades and repairs on the Land Rover Defender

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Image for Xbox

Projects using Microsofts Xbox Games Consoles

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Image for Soldering Robot Project
Soldering Robot Project

Our experiential soldering robot

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Image for Linux

Projects using Linux and Computers

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Image for RC Models
RC Models

Radio Control Models

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