Random Stuff and Projects

Railway Sky LED Controller

Alongside our electronic projects another long term hobby has been model making and more specifically model railways.  We have had a model railway in our loft workshop for many years and it has always been a way of mixing the model making...

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PSU Temperature Monitor

For a few years now we have been using a GW Instek GPC-1850D power supply in our workshop and while it has served us well over that time there has always been one issue that has annoyed us, the loud cooling fan...

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Isle of Purbeck Storms

We took our camcorder out in the recent storms and recorded some short films of the storms and flooding in Swanage and the surrounding area. Swanage Storms, filmed in various locations along the sea front. Durlston Country Park,...

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Variable RF Signal Sampler

One of my hobbies is Amateur (Ham) radio and it is useful to be able to check the outputs on the radios transmitters to check that the signal is transmitting on the correct frequency and not causing spurious frequency problems. It...

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Manual Pick and Place V2

After finishing the automatic pick and place project we soon found that we needed to be able to place components manually when working on prototype and very short production runs of pcb boards. As the space in the loft workshop...

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